Graffiti USA provides turnkey solutions for live graffiti & street art at various events. We offer traditional and interactive options that are perfect for conventions, trade shows, parties and festivals. Some of the most common topics are covered in the bullet points below along with the different types of artwork that we offer.

  • Time: Artwork can be designed based on the amount of time allotted. Pieces can also be started prior to the event at our studio and completed live.
  • Wall/Canvas: We can provide the temporary walls/canvases or paint on one that you provide. Recommended canvas size starting at 8’ ft. x 8’ ft. Taller canvases may require ladders, which become a liability issue during events.
  • Medium: Water based (low odor) spray paint available for indoor activations. Alternate options of brushes, markers & various mediums are possible for venues that do not allow spray paint.
  • Keeping Artwork: Options to purchase and keep artwork for your company after the event.
  • Documentation: Our photographers and videographers can help document the artwork and create time-lapse video of the creation of the artwork.

Live Artwork

  • Our most popular option of artists creating live artwork during an event.
  • Attention grabbing dynamic artwork using the medium of spray paint.
  • Provides entertainment for guests
  • Larger pieces can be created over the course of multiple day events.


Interactive Photo Ops

  • Fun & interactive photo ops
  • Usually 90% painted prior to the event with some live elements if required.
  • Anamorphic & 3D options are also available across different planes (L shaped adjacent walls, floor, etc.)


Giveaway Walls

  • Attaching removable smaller canvases or various gift items onto a larger canvas
  • Past examples include: Phone cases, Bandanas & various Brand Products
  • Artwork usually needs to be more colorful and on the abstract side so that all individual pieces are interesting.


Interactive Guest Coloring

  • Creating a black & white outline of a piece prior to the event.
  • Inviting guests to help color in the piece with the guidance of our professional artists
  • Option of creating the piece on a transparent plexiglass canvas so that guests can color in the piece from behind & not paint over the outline.



  • Our team of artists can customize giveaway products with names or initials in colors selected by guests.
  • Artwork needs to be streamlined to avoid one off requests.
  • Custom stencils can be created for guests to choose from.
  • Example items include: Bags, Shirts, Jackets, Vinyl Records, Cell Phone Cases and various Brand Products
  • Keep in mind that it may take up to 5-10 minutes or longer to customize each piece and dry time also needs to be factored in.
  • Usually a single artist can create about 40 custom pieces (1-2 colors) in an 8-hour day. Note: this may vary greatly based on the level of detail in the designs.
  • More details can be found here: Custom Graffiti for Events


Touch Activated Sound Murals

  • Using conductive paint and the latest technology from our partners at OTBi, we can create giant sound board murals.
  • Artwork that people are actually encouraged to touch and interact with!


For project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024