Graffiti USA offers some of the top graffiti & street artists for hire in the Denver, Colorado area.  We also work in nearby cities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins & Lakewood.  We have worked on past mural projects as advertisements, office decor, team building workshops and commercial/residential installations.  Our local artists have years of experience and understand how to make our clients’ visions come to life!  Check out some examples of artwork in Denver below:

Custom Mural Canvas by local artist Voice:

Denver Mural Design by Voice

Adult Swim Advertisement for Childrens Hospital by local artist Jolt:

Jolt Denver Colorado Advertisement Mural

PBR Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Famous Graffiti Artist Jolt

Pax Advertisement Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Pax Ad Mural by Jolt in Colorado

Graffiti Collage by Jolt:

Jolt Graffiti Letters Collage - Colorado

Inspire Mural by Chris Haven:

Graffiti Design by Haven in CO

Wheat Paste Street Art Installations:

Wheat Paste Artist in Denver

Steve Jobs Mural Portrait by Haven:

Appel Steve Jobs Mural in Denver

For project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024