Florida Live Artist for Events

Live Graffiti Art for Aveda in St. Petersburg, Florida

Live art for Aveda in S. Petersburg, Florida

September 18, 2018
Dog and Cat Art

Live Tote Bag Customization for SuperZoo in Las Vegas, NV

Live product customization at SuperZoo in Las Vegas, NV.

September 4, 2018
gaming conference mural

Gaming Conference Graffiti Mural for T Mobile at E3 in Los Angeles

E3 Gaming Convention Mural for T-Mobile x Overwatch

August 7, 2018
Seattle Mural Company

Interactive Murals in Seattle for the Special Olympics 2018

Interactive Murals in Seattle for the 208 Special Olympics

August 2, 2018
Vegas Born Street Art

Las Vegas – Golden Knights x T-Mobile Live Graffiti

Live Art for the Golden Knights at a T-Mobile Pre-party in Las Vegas

July 26, 2018
Ford Michigan Central Graffiti

Ford Michigan Central Station – Live Art #ForDetroit

Live Graffiti Artwork in Detroit for Ford's Michigan Central Station Announcement

July 24, 2018
Graffiti Agency in North Carolina

Live T-Shirt Graffiti Customization & Stencil Art at True Religion in North Carolina

Live T-Shirt Customization at True Religion in North Carolina

July 5, 2018

Neon Pallet Walls & Furniture for LA Hackathon – Amazon x Intel for EDC

Fabrication and Build Out for Amazon x EDC Hack-a-thon in LA

June 26, 2018
issa rae meet and greet

Harlem, NY Graffiti Mural for Issa Rae’s A Sip Series

Graffiti Mural Backdrop for Issa Rae's "A Sip" Series in Harlem, NY

June 19, 2018
plexiglass graffiti backwards

Live Graffiti Artwork on Plexiglass Canvas for UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Live Graffiti Art on Custom Built Plexiglass for UAE 10K in Central Park

June 21, 2018
north carolina graffiti

North Carolina Graffiti – Canvas Giveaway Wall at Western Carolina University

Live Graffiti Canvas Giveaway Wall in North Carolina at WCU

June 7, 2018
Live Graffiti

Hair Did! Fun Live Interactive Artwork for Conair Event

Live backdrop artwork for Conair event

May 21, 2018

Las Vegas Fabrication & Murals for Events – The PrimeTime Party

Fabricated wall & sign painting for The PrimeTime Party in Las Vegas

May 1, 2018

Live Graffiti Art on Canvases for Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Live art for Gilead Sciences, Inc. at the JW Marriott in DTLA

May 3, 2018

Genius – Picasso Interactive Mural for National Geographic

Interactive Mural on Canvas for National Geographic in Los Angeles.

April 17, 2018
All Star Weekend Graffiti

Basketball Court Mural – Nike & Footlocker at Hollywood & Highland

Basketball Court Mural - Nike & Footlocker at Hollywood & Highland

April 10, 2018
Las Vegas Street Art Graffiti

American Society of Concrete Contractors – Live Street Art Event

American Society of Concrete Contractors - Live Street Art Event

April 12, 2018
L.A. Adidas Finish Line Graffiti Street Art

Live Murals for Adidas / Finish Line Collaboration

Adidas interactive coloring activation in NY, LA & CHI

March 21, 2018
DeLonghi Graffiti USA

Live Artwork for DeLonghi – Art Basel Miami

Live canvas artwork for Delonghi at Miami Art Basel 2017.

February 28, 2018
Razer Event NYC

Live, interactive, glow-in-the-dark graffiti for Razer in NYC

Live glow in the dark graffiti for Razer product release in New York City

February 14, 2018
Las Vegas Graffiti for Lexus Marvel Collaboration

Live Painting in Las Vegas for Lexus Marvel Collaboration

Live Painting in Las Vegas for the new Black Panther film, showcasing Lexus’ newest car: the LC luxury coupe.

January 24, 2018
LA Graffiti Artist for Hire

LA Graffiti Artist Paints Live on Plexiglass Clear Canvas

Live Graffiti Art Backwards on Plexiglass Canvas

November 22, 2017
NYRR Bronx Mural

Interactive Sounds Mural for New Balance Bronx 10 Miler

Interactive Sounds Mural for New Balance 10 Mile Run in the Bronx

October 18, 2017

Live Graffiti Art Battle in Las Vegas on Toyota Camry for JBL Fest

Live Graffiti Battle on Cars in Las Vegas, NV for JBL Fest

September 20, 2017
Denim Street Art Wall in LA

AEO x Bustle – Denim Graffiti Wall in Los Angeles

AEO x Bustle - Denim Graffiti Wall in Los Angeles

September 13, 2017
Los Angeles Live Digital Art

Virtual Reality Digital Graffiti Demonstration in Los Angeles, CA

Virtual Reality Digital Graffiti Demo at Siggraph in LA

September 6, 2017
Give Love Graffiti Mural

Andy Grammer – Interactive Give Love Mural in LA

Interactive graffiti canvas created for Andy Grammer in LA

July 26, 2017
Graffiti Performance Art in LA

Live Graffiti Mural at Code Con 2017 with Vox Media

Graffiti Performance Art in Ranch Palos Verdes, CA

June 21, 2017
Live Body Painting - Body Art

Live Body Painting for Festivals Events & Parties

Live Body Paint Artist for Festivals, Events & More...

May 24, 2016
Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

New Balance Interactive Sound Mural at Brooklyn Half Marathon

New Balance Interactive Sound Graffiti Mural at Brooklyn Half Marathon

June 7, 2017
Char Broil Live Graffiti Art

Char Broil Live Graffiti Art in San Francisco & New York City

Live Graffiti Art in San Francisco & New York City for Char Broil

May 31, 2017
New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural on Headbands – Altos

Live Airbrush Graffiti Artwork at events in LA, NY & Austin

May 3, 2017
LA Custom Graffiti Artist - Denim Jackets

Boohoo Custom Denim Jackets – Coachella Graffiti Bar

Denim Jacket Customization for Boohoo - Coachella/Festivals

April 26, 2017
VR Headset - Digital Graffiti Technology

Interactive Virtual Reality Digital Graffiti Demonstrations

Interactive Live Art VR Graffiti Technology Demo

April 12, 2017
Stencil Art Across Canvases

Chicago Interactive Live Graffiti for Bare Minerals

Chicago Interactive Live Graffiti Art for Bare Minerals

March 22, 2017
Helping Patients with Art

Live Art for Fusion MD at CHEST 2016

Live art for CHEST 2016 Annual Meeting in LA

March 15, 2017
Run Smooth Run NYC Live Graffiti Art in NY

New Balance Truck Activation for NYC Marathon

We painted a truck for a New Balance activation for the New York City Marathon.

January 20, 2015
California graffiti artist does live art

Strongview Live Graffiti Artwork San Francisco

Live SF graffiti artwork in Sausalito, CA with Strongview

November 12, 2015
Seb Gorey Painting During Youtube Event in NY

NYC YouTube Space Launch Event

We created some live graffiti artwork for the NYC YouTube Space launch event.

January 19, 2015
Completed Mural at BlogHer Event for Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture at BlogHer NY Event – Live Mural

Shea Moisture live graffiti wall for BlogHer NY Conference

July 21, 2015
Kobo Street Art Mural for Meatpacking District Event

Kobo Live Event

We painted a live canvas for a Kobo event in Chelsea, NY outside the venue.

January 11, 2015
Live Art by Vizie in Corporate Office

Live Artwork for Acuity Brands Product Launch

Live artwork during the RUBIK product launch in NYC.

November 2, 2016
Swisher Sweeties Calendar Shoot Model in LA

Las Vegas Graffiti & Street Artists for Hire

Las Vegas Graffiti & Street Artists for Hire

January 7, 2015
Statue of Liberty Live Art on Acura TLX - NYC

NY Acura TLX Live Painting – NY Auto Show 2015

Acura TLX Live Painting - NY Auto Show 2015

May 23, 2015
Los Angeles Live Artist

Live Graffiti for Acid Cigarillos LA Launch Party

We recently worked with Acid Cigars to create a live graffiti art piece by Self Uno for a launch…

August 28, 2015
Completed Fuji Film Brush Mural at Javits Center

Live Graffiti for Fuji Film at PhotoPlus Expo NY

Live graffiti artwork using acrylics and brush for Fuji Film

November 12, 2015
Abington House Graffiti

Abington House & Related Properties

We participated in the Summer Art Park Series at the high line with Abington House and Related Properties.

January 16, 2015
Live Art by Vizie for Adidas

Live Graffiti Art – Adidas x FC Bayern Munich Event NYC

Live graffiti at Adidas x FC Bayern Munich NYC event

August 9, 2016
Completed LA Mural for Beauty Con Convention in Los Angeles

Shea Moisture at BeautyCon LA – Live Mural

Shea Moisture Live Graffiti Mural for #BeautyConLA 2015

July 15, 2015
Metlife Stadium Graffiti

Metlife Stadium – Van Wagner

Live graffiti art for a Giants and Jets game at Metlife Stadium for Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment.

January 14, 2015
Seattle Graffiti Live Artist for Hire - SEA

Seattle Live Painting – Redhook Brewery

Live artist paints at an event for Redhook Brewery in Seattle, WA

May 2, 2015
Completed Piece for Stage One Party - Live Art

Verboten Stage One Concert

Live painting for a Verboten Stage One concert on the Williamsburg waterfront featuring Luciano & Carl Craig.

January 13, 2015
Completed Shea Moisture Artwork in Chicago, IL

Live Graffiti Mural in Chicago for Shea Moisture

Live graffiti artwork in Chicago for a Shea Moisture pop-up event.

August 17, 2015
Shea Moisture Live Art During a NY Convention

Shea Moisture BeautyCon NYC 2015

Live graffiti artwork created by Graffiti USA at BeautyCon NY 2015

November 12, 2015
Kargo Holiday Party Graffiti

Kargo Chicago – Phone Case Graffiti Wall

Interactive graffiti event for Kargo in Chicago, IL

December 15, 2015
Phone Case Interactive Graffiti Wall

Yahoo! Phone Case Graffiti Wall Event in NY

Another cell phone case graffiti wall created for a Yahoo! event in NY

May 6, 2016
Dcypher Painting Artwork for Airbnb Open 2016

Live Graffiti Artist for Airbnb Open in Downtown LA

Live graffiti artists for Airbnb Open in DTLA

December 21, 2016
Anaheim Chalk Artist for Hire

Live Chalk Art for Gamestop Expo 2016 in Anaheim, CA

Live chalk art on the ground for Gamestop Expo 2016

October 19, 2016
Music Festival Event - Live Artist

Live Graffiti Art for Mamba at GovBallNYC 2016

Live Graffiti Art for Mamba at GovBallNYC 2016

June 12, 2016
Lokai Charity Mural for Nonprofit

Live Graffiti Mural for Lokai Charity Neon Bracelet

Live graffiti art on canvas for Lokai charity bracelet

June 12, 2016
Scenic Backdrop for Marathon Race in New York City

Live Graffiti for Harlem Run Race in NYC

Live graffiti art for Harlem Run race in NYC.

July 12, 2016
Abstract Art in Michigan

Electric Forest Music Festival – Live Graffiti Art

Live art for Mamba at Electric Forest Music Festival

July 15, 2016