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The premium spirits brand, Beam Suntory knew they’d have a sponsored booth at this year’s Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2018 event. With a strong desire to tie the EFFEN brand back to Boston culture and artwork, they turned to our services. In order to include an interactive element for guests to grab a specialty vodka cocktail and dive into their own creativity, we presented our interactive guest coloring mural.

Our local artist worked with the EFFEN Vodka team to align on the creative direction for the artwork to represent the vodka’s relationship to the city. With artwork outlined in advance to the event, guests were free to color in the canvas as they pleased! This interactive and engaging element helped bring guests out of their comfort zones to mingle amongst each other and share a moment of creativity over a delicious cocktail.

Boston Live Art Company

Boston Interactive Murals

Live Art in Boston

Boston Graffiti Compay

Boston Street Art Company

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We created a live graffiti canvas piece for a charity event with Sports Art in Los Angeles, CA. Sports Art creates exercise equipment that generates electricity. To support the Make-A-Wish foundation for this event, we created some LA themed graffiti art across three canvases. The canvases were then split up and each auctioned off for the charity. Check out the completed piece below.

“SportsArt ECO-POWR™ is the pioneer in green systems that harness the power of bikes and ellipticals and puts it back into the grid. Micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds, so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage. Simply plug the bikes and ellipticals into the wall, and the excess energy goes back into the facility’s power grid. A single workout can produce over 160 watts of electricity. Now multiply that by hundreds or thousands of workouts per day and you can see the type of impact your contribution can make!” (

Los Angeles Live Artist

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Our client, Callahan Creek was working with Elanco, an animal health product and service company to make an extra splash and this years SuperZoo 2018 Conference in Las Vegas. In order to stand out amongst the crowd of other pet vendors, we helped offer custom pet drawings to drive traffic and attention to the Elanco booth.

“SuperZoo is the largest gathering of pet professionals in North America not only for the products and education, but for the experience itself. With so many passionate pet pros from around the world on-site—from retailers to groomers to daycare operators—it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to form new partnerships that direct foot traffic to your door. Talk about a feather in your cap.”

While many of our customization events are streamlined with one or a handful of custom created designs, our artist at this event was able to create unique drawings for each customer based of a picture of their very own pet. What a treat! The client was absolutely thrilled, as were customers that brought home such a thoughtful gift with their favorite furry friend on it.

Las Vegas Live Art

Custo Tote Bags

Dog Art

Dog and Cat Art

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If you like candy classics like M&M’s and Snickers – you’ll love our latest client, Mars Wrigley Confectionery. Their administrative team reached out to us to facilitate a team-building event for a group of 30 of their employees in Chicago.

With an entire day full of events and eating and drinking around the theme of being bold and disruptive, the Mars team thought a custom graffiti workshop would be a perfect fit, and we agreed! After discussing the groups goals in more detail, we decided to move forward with an individual workshop in which each participant would create their own stencil and artwork using spray paint, while still providing the opportunity to share creatively amongst the group setting.

Our artist and MC for the workshop gave a brief introduction to himself, his artwork, and graffiti history before diving right into the basics to spray paint and the tips, tricks and techniques to the medium. Like many of our workshops, participants were eager to dive right in and begin creating their masterpieces.

With the sun shining and beers and aerosol in hand, this group had a blast interacting with our artist and each other – providing the group an opportunity to experiment outside of their comfort zone, relax, and share a moment beyond their typical day together. Everyone involved had a blast and went home happy with their new graffiti tools and completed graffiti artwork.

Chicago Graffiti Workshop

Chicago Street Art Workshop

Spray Paint workshop

Chicago Live Art Workshop

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After working with us once already, IMG Live requested our help with their collaboration between T-Mobile and Overwatch for the E3 Gaming Conference in LA at the LA Convention Center. With a large booth and activations already planned including a live broadcast with broadcaster talent and Overwatch League teams, a visit to the T-Mobile Showroom, livestream to those unable to attend, and of course our artist performing live artwork right on the showroom floor.

In order to align with the rest of the booth and create an impactful mural, we created a double-sided 8x12ft high mural – also wrapped in canvas so the client could transport the artwork for future events. With the goal to get conference attendees to tweet and vote for the Overwatch League winner, the mural included a lot of different elements.

One side of the artwork was dedicated to T-Mobile’s call-to-action directing fans on protocol to enter their votes and build on excitement to the game and final winner. On the opposite side of the mural, our artist focused on the Overwatch League players, replicating their exact jerseys and logo and showcasing the competition for the Overwatch Trophy. We offered high detail artwork for this event with a very intricate take on the arena, players, and audience members shouting for their teams and wearing Overwatch gear.

Our artist prepped the canvas in advance to the event and then spent three days live onsite adding final touches and detail to the artwork, and talking to guests visiting the booth. At the end of it all, the artwork had strong representation of both brands in the collaboration, resonated strongly with fans, and helped drive additional attention to the T-Mobile & Overwatch booth at the E3 Expo 2018.

gaming conference mural

LA Mural Company

LA Graffiti Mural Agency

LA Graffiti Agency

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T Mobile Graffiti Project

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With the USA Games Special Olympics 2018 taking place in Seattle, local AMP Agency inquired about our services to help align a local artist to create artwork to stimulate photo opportunities and drive attention to the event and sponsored partners like Amazon.

Our Pacific Northwest team aided in the creation of four murals displayed outdoors across Amazon headquarters and South Lake Union. Each mural stayed true to the Seattle Special Olympics branding and their iconic torch logo.

To help encourage photo opportunities and social sharing we created mural backdrops for guests to pose with, as well as face-in-hole cut out murals for guests to pose from behind. Not only did Amazon tie in local artists, but local restaurants were offering special deals along with the event. All in all it was a great experience for everyone involved and we were honored to be part of this event.

Seattle Mural Company

Seattle Interactive Graffiti

Seattle Graffiti Company

Seattle Mural Agency

Seattle Graffiti Agency

Seattle Street Art Company

Seattle Street Art Agency

Press Coverage: Lake Union Beat

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When the Golden Knights were heading to the Stanley Cup Finals 2018, agency IMG Live reached out to have us help with a live graffiti mural for their T-Mobile pre-party event. Our artist, a Golden Knights fan himself was thrilled at the opportunity to create artwork for a team he strongly supports.

A rush job and a last minute scramble, we created artwork for a large 8x20ft canvas with the Golden Knights logo and slogan “Vegas Born”. Live during the event, fans were able to have their name tagged directly onto the canvas to show their support and dedication to the team. Fans also had the photo opportunity to pose next to their names and with the artist onsite. A huge turn out and with energy at an all-time high, it was sad and unfortunate to see the Golden knights go home without the win. Here is to next time! Vegas born, Vegas strong.

Vegas Born Street Art

Vegas Knights Graffiti

Nevada Graffiti Artist

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Vegas Born Graffiti

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Ford recently announced their plans to transform the long abandoned Michigan Central Station as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest for autonomous driving!  For the big announcement, we helped line up a group of artists to create some live art as the attendees arrived in on the morning of June 19, 2018 for this monumental event. “Ford threw a Detroit homecoming party at 11 a.m. to celebrate its purchase of the iconic Michigan Central Station on the western edge of Corktown. More than 5,000 people signed up.” (Source: Detroit Free Press)

We curated artists with strong Detroit roots who may have actually painted the interior of the iconic abandoned building in their youth.  The artists were extremely excited to create graffiti pieces with phrases like “Bringing Detroit Back” and “Welcome Home” giving their art a new meaning. Special thanks to Ford for supporting the local art community for this project.  Some of the artists we featured had many generations of family who worked at the Ford plant and even based their characters on vintage Ford vehicles.

Check out some images the artwork below featuring local artists: Michelle Tanguay, Jesse Kassel, Ghostbeard, Fudweiser and Samskee.

Ford Michigan Central Graffiti

Detroit Live Art Ford

Live Graffiti in Detroit

Live Street Art Detroit

Detroit Street Artist

Detroit Live Painting

Detroit Pride Graffiti

Detroit Mural Artist

Live Mural Artist in Detroit

Live Mural Art Detroit

Graffiti Artist in Detroit

Detroit Live Graffiti Artist

“Detroit’s Michigan Central Station has become a symbol of the Motor City’s decline. Since the last Amtrak train left on January 6, 1988, the massive station has sat abandoned, its neglected state reflecting that of downtown Detroit itself. But now Ford has acquired the complex, and plans to make it the center of a new downtown campus that will focus on development of autonomous and electric vehicles, as well as mobility services.” (Source: Digital Trends)

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In order to launch their new store opening in North Carolina at the Concord Mills Mall and to drive foot traffic, True Religion came to us to help formulate a customization pop-up shop. Our artist was stationed at the front of the store, driving attention to the brand in a new, hip and artsy way. We offered custom shirts created live onsite directly in front of guests. Each guest had the option to choose 2-3 colors out of 2 different designs for a branded graffiti shirt to take home for themselves. The event was a hit and the store manage was very pleased with the turn out.

Our artist free styled a background design of paint splatters and a color fade, utilizing a logo stencil or hand writing the words “True Religion” on each shirt. While this customization event primarily was done in spray paint, we also offer customization to products with airbrush, markers and hand painted designs. What a great way to drive retail traffic and allow guests to take a little bit of the brand home with them!

In 2002, True Religion emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five-pocket jean. Industry-standard sewing machines couldn’t handle our designs, so we broke them apart and rebuilt them to produce our one-of-a-kind vision. With its five-needle thread at two-stitch-per-inch process, our Super T stitch was instantly recognized for style that was unlike any other denim brand in the world.”

See some photos of the customized T-Shirts in store below:

NC Graffiti Customization

Spray paint T-Shirts

Graffiti Agency in North Carolina

Street Art True Religion

True Religion Customization

In Store Live Graffiti in North Carolina

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