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Our client Vick Art Advisors connected us with the folks at Text 100 who were searching for a showpiece in their new Flatiron office. The inspiration behind the mural was to reveal the creative personality of the brand.

Our approach was to create a well balanced design that incorporated their logo in a creative way along with their slogan “Wired Differently”. Using their brand colors, subtle NYC icons and textures, we were able to show what makes Text 100 different and imply that this is a top level agency that creates inspiring work separating them from their competition.

Office Mural in NYC

Graffiti Company

NY Graffiti Agency

New York Mural Company

New York Mural Agency

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Looking to energize their common area, a corporate client in Atlanta, Georgia tasked us with creating a graffiti styled mural on a unique curved wall. The client asked to design and paint a mural containing some of the essential parts of what makes up Atlanta culture. The local culture was an integral part of their business and values. Tying in their branded hashtag #WeAreIOne, the mural serves as a backdrop to Atlanta, their employees and their brand initiatives. Check out some of the details and textures of the artwork below!

Atlanta Mural Company

Atlanta Street Art Company

Atlanta Graffiti Company

Mural Artist Atlanta

Office Mural in Atlanta

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Our corporate client in Denver, CO (Convenience Valet) wanted to get creative with their conference room walls with something they usually see outdoors – a Colorado landscape. Inspired by photos of the clients’ backyard – snow-capped mountains, evergreens, and wildflowers across the horizon, our artist captured the scenery with spray-paint and a clear love of his home state (he grew up in Colorado as well). We think the employees at Convenience Valet will appreciate the nature views during their many meetings!

Denver Mural Company

Denver Mural Company

Denver Street Art Company

Denver Graffiti Company

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In collaboration with Frankel Media, we helped transform Nextran’s Trucking Industry Corporate Office space into a relaxing and inspiring setting for its employees.

With a desire to offer their technicians a break room they could feel comfortable in, Nextran hired us to create a large mural incorporating both brand values and consideration to the offices architecture – modern and simplistic.

A company dedicated to the selling and servicing of trucks that travel across the country, we wanted to heavily tie into American patriotism and how that is reflected in Nextran’s company and its employees.

The client was extremely pleased with our take on the American eagle and transforming their company motto into an internal mission, “We Work As One.”

Check out photos of the completed installation below:

Trucking Office Mural

Graffiti Artist for Hire Atlanta

Atlanta Graffiti Detail

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Our Graffiti USA team carefully prepped, then assembled iconic photographs from the 1990’s to outfit the The Robot Company’s new podcast studio. We used the wheat pasting process that has commonly been used by commercial bill posters, activists and various subculture proponents since the nineteenth century. In the 1990’s this billing technique became popular amongst street artists who sought low cost alternatives to spreading poster works throughout New York City.

Raw, yet polished, the installation was just what the space called for. Nothing quite like a collage of black & white wheat-paste posters to capture the 90’s era and the NYC vibe for this Tribeca work space.

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BlackStone Hotel

Wheat Paste Mural NYC

Poster Artist NYC

Podcast Wheatpaste Mura

Poster Mural Collage

Wheat Paste Installation NY

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The private practice of Las Vegas Bariatrics was looking to transform their new office into an inspiring and motivational space for their patients. While most patients come to Dr. Bernie Hanna with medical concerns and insecurities on their mind, he was looking to uplift their spirits and support the transformation they are about to undergo with a fun and optimistic environment.

Our team of Las Vegas artists created four unique murals to wrap around the interior u-shaped hallway to the office with an additional  mural in their health classroom. Murals were themed around health, wellness, nutrition and exercise while also tying in relevant nods to the LVB brand, their devotion to quality, excellence and passion, and the surrounding Las Vegas area.

While entering the office, the first mural consists of large letters for the company “LVB” with health-related imagery to encourage a balanced lifestyle. Moving onward to the second mural you can take in views of the Las Vegas skyline and the phrase “Success is in You”. Ducking into the classroom, our artist painted a high intensity, color driven mural with floating fruits and vegetables. And the last two murals were about “Life Choices” and the exciting life of Las Vegas and is charisma in the new and old settlements.

A happy office, makes for inspired and motivated patients, and a satisfied client for Graffiti USA!

LVB - Las Vegas Graffiti Artist

Be Mindful - Las Vegas Mural

Welcome To Las Vegas Mural

Graffiti Artist Las Vegas

Las Vegas Skyline Mural

Office Mural in Las Vegas

Nevada Mural Artist

Las Vegas Graffiti Mural

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A few years back, we worked with Jay Suites, a New York based co-working space on some custom sign painting work throughout their offices. They recently reached back out to Graffiti USA to help them add some color to their outdoor patio space. The client referenced some old large letter postcards and wanted the name of their company painted the same way in their brand color pallet. Since we have done several jobs in the past with this postcard style, it was a perfect fit for us to design something they were happy with.

Jay Suites is a hub for entrepreneurs looking to simply work better. We offer flexible, New York City private office suites for rent, virtual office plans, and on-demand hourly and daily meeting room rentals, so that you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All Jay Suites executive office suites are furnished, elegantly designed, and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resources, and support. In addition, members join a growing community with perks such as exclusive access to our members-only meet ups. With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City, we have crafted an all-inclusive executive office space package so that you can project your company’s expenses forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, technology startup, or a fortune 500 company, you can count on Jay Suites to provide you with affordable and customized NYC office suites. (

It was quite the view painting this artwork up high on 34th St. on top of a scaffolding on their patio! Luckily our artists were not afraid of heights for this installation. Check out the completed work below:

exterior mural in nyc

nyc sign painting art

jay suites mural nyc

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We worked on a spray painted mural in Denver, Colorado for Open Table.  It was great to hear from a client that we were very familiar with from using their app in the past to make restaurant reservations.   In their new office space, we were challenged with creating a mural on a corrugated surface similar to the exterior of a shipping container.  Because of the ridges, the best medium to get into the grooves was using spray paint, our specialty and preferred medium at Graffiti USA! For the design, they referenced some past traditional murals executed at their other office spaces.  Using the inspiration we were provided, we came up with a similar design in a street art style with looser text and more fluid line work. The client wanted the local Denver based graffiti artist to add his own flare to the artwork as well. We even threw in some traditional graffiti tags on their suspended swing bench upon request!

Luckily, we were able to get into the space at the tail end of construction and prior to the office furniture being moved in.  As usual, with any corporate office murals, we are very careful and go above and beyond with any protection of the space. As experienced artists, we have all the tricks in the book to ensure the building does not run into any issues with fumes and overspray.  Upon request, we can also offer water based spray paint which is a common request for live events due to the low odor qualities. We were able to install the artwork within a day and the client was very happy with the end results! Check out some images of the completed mural below:

About Open Table: We love what can happen around the restaurant table. Since 1998, we’ve been committed to empowering that experience. From helping restaurants grow and run their businesses, to enabling diners to discover and book the perfect table every time they dine, our story is one of connection—among diners, restaurants, and their communities. (

denver graffiti mural - open table

denver graffiti mural - open table

denver graffiti mural - open table

denver graffiti mural - open table

denver graffiti mural - open table

denver graffiti mural - open table

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Make Offices, a professional and affordable co-working space for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, came to us for our flexibility and availability of artists across Chicago, DC and Philly. With plans for rapid growth spanning in those cities for the next year, we were able to introduce ourselves into the creative process from an early standpoint, working directly with Make Offices’ interior decorating and construction firms to ensure a smooth and cohesive concept and execution.

Pulling from DC’s history and the surrounding area of Glover Park, artwork was created to be an extensions of the surrounding landscapes, bringing elements from outside into the office and guiding visitors on a conceptual path throughout the space. Artwork replicated a map of the city, highlighting significant landscapes in three-dimensional drawing protruding off the map with a chalkboard-like style created with permanent oil bars.

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

Oil Bar Graffiti Chalk

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