The private practice of Las Vegas Bariatrics was looking to transform their new office into an inspiring and motivational space for their patients. While most patients come to Dr. Bernie Hanna with medical concerns and insecurities on their mind, he was looking to uplift their spirits and support the transformation they are about to undergo with a fun and optimistic environment.

Our team of Las Vegas artists created four unique murals to wrap around the interior u-shaped hallway to the office with an additional  mural in their health classroom. Murals were themed around health, wellness, nutrition and exercise while also tying in relevant nods to the LVB brand, their devotion to quality, excellence and passion, and the surrounding Las Vegas area.

While entering the office, the first mural consists of large letters for the company “LVB” with health-related imagery to encourage a balanced lifestyle. Moving onward to the second mural you can take in views of the Las Vegas skyline and the phrase “Success is in You”. Ducking into the classroom, our artist painted a high intensity, color driven mural with floating fruits and vegetables. And the last two murals were about “Life Choices” and the exciting life of Las Vegas and is charisma in the new and old settlements.

A happy office, makes for inspired and motivated patients, and a satisfied client for Graffiti USA!

LVB - Las Vegas Graffiti Artist

Be Mindful - Las Vegas Mural

Welcome To Las Vegas Mural

Graffiti Artist Las Vegas

Las Vegas Skyline Mural

Office Mural in Las Vegas

Nevada Mural Artist

Las Vegas Graffiti Mural

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Another MOD Pizza job! MOD liked the artwork we did for their Bellevue Factoria Seattle location so much that we replicated the design down in Miami. Gratitude with attitude and supporting the local art scene – how great!

Our artist also created a very intricate mandala utilizing a vinyl install as a stencil and then creating a rainbow gradient with spray paint and the words “MOD on Miami” overlaid on top. The mandala turned out fantastic and has been a recurring install at many MOD Pizza locations, along with their stable MOD Pizza mantra, “We make pizza so we can serve people. We call it spreading modness. Welcome to MOD”.

MOD is the original superfast pizza experience – a pioneering fast-casual concept that puts you in the driver’s seat. Artisan-style pizzas and salads are individually sized, made on demand, and ready in just minutes. Choose from over 30 toppings – the price stays the same no matter what you pick. At its heart, however, MOD is a platform for doing good. The idea? If we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of you, and our business will take care of itself. We call it Spreading MODness, and after opening stores across the U.S. and U.K., we think it’s working.”

Mod Pizza Miami Street Art Mural

Mod Pizza Mural in Miami

Pizza Mural in Miami

Restaurant Mural in Miami

Mod Story

Spreading MODness means a lot of things, but mostly it means treating our employees (aka the MOD Squad) right. By putting people first, we strive to be a force for positive change in their lives and the communities they serve. From above-industry pay and benefits to hiring people with special needs – including people in need of a second chance – our ethos is deeply rooted in acceptance, opportunity and development. The result? An amazing spirit of individuality, teamwork and service has emerged. It’s our culture of doing good – and it’s catching on.”

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We first met our friends at Twin Marquis a few years ago when we painted their Bushwick factory location (we remember it being one of the hottest days that summer!)  They reached out to us again to create a new piece at their Lower East Side location on the corner of Canal St. and Ludlow St.  This time, the theme was to create an interactive, colorful piece that would work great as a photo backdrop for passerby’s.  This is a very busy intersection with high foot traffic near a lot of galleries.  The client understood the importance of working with the community and giving back with public art.  We had fun painting a big bowl of noodles with their “I Love Noodles” instagram moment.

Twin Marquis was first founded in 1989 at the 39 Canal St. location in the Lower East Side/Chinatown with the mission of making fresher noodles & wrappers.  This location is still used as the distribution hub of Twin Marquis products for NYC’s Asian food lovers and delivering the freshest products made with pride.

chinatown mural

rustoleum graffiti mural

i love noodles street art

bowl of noodles graffiti

Sign Painting LES

Chinatown Mural

Canal St. Mural Art

On the adjacent wall, they worked with our parent company Klughaus on an artist feature project with Glossblack.  They were very supportive of the arts and allowed us to curate that wall as a rotating gallery of artists with graffiti roots.

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MOD Pizza turned to our team to furnish their newest Pennsylvania location with hand painted signage and street artwork. We were asked to paint their brand message in their signature colors and paint street art murals that were bright, friendly and created selfie opportunities to promote their business on social media.  We created two colorful angel wings using spray paint that were sized for adults and children as interactive graffiti pieces to pose in front of.

Our local street artist was able to paint a vibrant piece that begs for you to snap and share!  Photos of the installation below and don’t forget to check out a bunch of other previous Mod pieces we have done for several locations including: Bellevue (WA), Kingwood East (TX), Houston (TX) and more in our full portfolio.

“MOD Pizza is a business, but our real purpose is creating positive social impact in the lives of our employees and their communities. Yes, we make pizza, but our pizza makes people. Our measure for success isn’t the number of MOD locations – it’s the number of people employed and their well being.”

interactive angel wing street art

graffiti angel wings

mod pizza angel wing graffiti

interactive graffiti photo ops

restaurant graffiti mural

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In order to launch their new store opening in North Carolina at the Concord Mills Mall and to drive foot traffic, True Religion came to us to help formulate a customization pop-up shop. Our artist was stationed at the front of the store, driving attention to the brand in a new, hip and artsy way. We offered custom shirts created live onsite directly in front of guests. Each guest had the option to choose 2-3 colors out of 2 different designs for a branded graffiti shirt to take home for themselves. The event was a hit and the store manage was very pleased with the turn out.

Our artist free styled a background design of paint splatters and a color fade, utilizing a logo stencil or hand writing the words “True Religion” on each shirt. While this customization event primarily was done in spray paint, we also offer customization to products with airbrush, markers and hand painted designs. What a great way to drive retail traffic and allow guests to take a little bit of the brand home with them!

In 2002, True Religion emerged onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five-pocket jean. Industry-standard sewing machines couldn’t handle our designs, so we broke them apart and rebuilt them to produce our one-of-a-kind vision. With its five-needle thread at two-stitch-per-inch process, our Super T stitch was instantly recognized for style that was unlike any other denim brand in the world.”

See some photos of the customized T-Shirts in store below:

NC Graffiti Customization

Spray paint T-Shirts

Graffiti Agency in North Carolina

Street Art True Religion

True Religion Customization

In Store Live Graffiti in North Carolina

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Colorful graffiti tags in heart-shaped hands and a giant peace sign became two decor focal points at MOD Pizza’s new Purcellville, VA location. Both murals were prominent, picture-worthy, and enhanced the space to fit the MOD theme. Our artist spray-painted on corrugated metal, and gave the designs an airbrushed feel, capturing a free-spirited ambiance of peace, love and pizza!

Check out a few other past Mod Pizza murals we have done including: Castro Valley (CA), Marana (AZ), Shelby Township (MI), San Antonio (TX) and many more in our portfolio.

“It’s all about Gratitude with Attitude. MOD Pizza is a business, but our real purpose is creating positive social impact in the lives of our employees and their communities. Yes, we make pizza, but our pizzamakes people.” (Mod Pizza)

Photos of the graffiti art work from the Purcellville store in the Washington DC area below.  Give us a shout if you are looking for a graffiti, street art or mural company in the area:

Virginia Graffiti Mural

VA Graffiti Artist for Hire

DC Mural Company

Virginia Graffiti Company

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A few years back, we worked with Jay Suites, a New York based co-working space on some custom sign painting work throughout their offices. They recently reached back out to Graffiti USA to help them add some color to their outdoor patio space. The client referenced some old large letter postcards and wanted the name of their company painted the same way in their brand color pallet. Since we have done several jobs in the past with this postcard style, it was a perfect fit for us to design something they were happy with.

Jay Suites is a hub for entrepreneurs looking to simply work better. We offer flexible, New York City private office suites for rent, virtual office plans, and on-demand hourly and daily meeting room rentals, so that you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All Jay Suites executive office suites are furnished, elegantly designed, and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resources, and support. In addition, members join a growing community with perks such as exclusive access to our members-only meet ups. With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City, we have crafted an all-inclusive executive office space package so that you can project your company’s expenses forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, technology startup, or a fortune 500 company, you can count on Jay Suites to provide you with affordable and customized NYC office suites. (

It was quite the view painting this artwork up high on 34th St. on top of a scaffolding on their patio! Luckily our artists were not afraid of heights for this installation. Check out the completed work below:

exterior mural in nyc

nyc sign painting art

jay suites mural nyc

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The folks at Live Nation reached out to help with a build out for an Amazon Web Services & Intel sponsored Hack-a-thon called “Hack Till Dawn.” The event welcomed tech-loving Headliners and music-obsessed techies to create the most revolutionary new tech that will help disrupt the music festival world. “Finalists took home VIP passes, hotel and airfare to EDC Las Vegas 2018. Grand Prize winners move on to EDC Orlando 2018 to bring this technology to life!” (more info)

Given the open floor plan of an event space at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, we conceptualized and built out hundreds of feet of wall panels made out of used pallets along with plexiglass topped tables also made out of pallets.  Using fluorescent spray paint, we colored some random slats to give the walls and furniture a fun appearance that glowed in the blacklight! We also helped paint several sponsor logos across the walls. The end visual result tied in very well with the EDC aesthetic and the client was very happy with how everything came out.

While we specialize in graffiti & street art, don’t hesitate to reach out to our parent company Klughaus for all sorts of fabrication projects!

fabrication and build - graffiti

fabrication and build - graffiti

fabrication and build - graffiti

fabrication and build - graffiti

fabrication and build - graffiti

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Mesh International, a global event and marketing company, came to us to create graffiti artwork and entertainment for a yearly event in Central Park: UAE Healthy Kidney 10K run hosted by the United Arab Emirates and NYRR. We thought an added element to live-painting a mural would be to make the canvas in plexiglass so attendees could see the progress from all angles – front, back, and sides. Our artist filled in an outlined design with spray paint during the event, and as runners finished the race they stopped to take photos in front of the mural. It served as a backdrop for showing off their medals!

The creative direction was to design a portrait of the Sheik with the quote “My Wealth is The Happiness of My People” along with an Abu Dhabi sponsor logo on top of a colorful abstract background.  We painted the outlines on the front of the canvas prior to the event since we only had about 3 hours to color the artwork in live in reverse.  After the event, we constructed a custom crate and stand for the plexiglass so that it could be shipped over to the United Arab Emirates.

For this project, instead of painting a traditional canvas, we wanted to create an activation that was unique and memorable to the participants.  We came up with the concept of fabricating a large transparent 8’ ft x 12’ ft. canvas/wall using multiple sheets of plexiglass. Utilizing this see-through canvas, we were able to have the artist color in backwards from behind the glass giving viewers a very unique viewpoint of the artwork being created live!  We also did a similar live graffiti event on plexiglass in the past in Los Angeles. This idea came from our graffiti roots of having to paint the windows of abandoned buildings backwards with the outline first and working in reverse from the way artwork is traditionally painted.

Graffiti on See Through Canvas

plexiglass graffiti backwards

plexiglass graffiti backwards

plexiglass graffiti backwards

plexiglass graffiti backwards

plexiglass graffiti backwards

plexiglass graffiti backwards

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We partnered with PMK BNC to create a photo graffiti backdrop for an exclusive event hosted by the talented Issa Rae as part of the “A Sip” series.  The main challenge was coming up with a design and fabrication solution 48 hours prior to the event as we were contacted about this event last minute.  Luckily, we are known for our quick turnarounds and being able to execute under pressure!

“Hosted by Issa Rae, “A Sip” is an unscripted, intimate fireside chat over drinks with creatives we are inspired by. This time, I’m in East Harlem to talk to the exuberant comedian, actress and rising producer, Tiffany Haddish!”

The creative direction for this piece was to feature some iconic elements of Harlem since the event was held at Rain Nightclub. After the event, the canvas was moved to an outdoor patio to serve as the backdrop of a meet & greet with Issa Rae herself where fans posed with her in front of the artwork for photos.

issa rae harlem graffiti

issae rae a sip graffiti

harlem ny black artist

black graffiti artist

issa rae meet and greet

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