Born and raised on the South Side of Lansing, Michigan, Samskee currently resides in REO Town, a southern section of Downtown Lansing. Discovering spray painting as a medium while traveling with a youth orchestra in high school, he started drawing and hasn’t stopped since.

Since moving back to Lansing in 2010, Samskee has assisted with organizing several murals in Lansing while working steady jobs throughout. From screen printing and web design to 4 years of experience as a Linux hosting technician, Samskee is able to adapt and learn quickly to find creative solutions to problems.

When Samskee isn’t doing art, he’s most likely either playing an outdated game on PlayStation 2, or yelling at his two dogs, Gillawhore and Baxter(Dexter).



To book this artist for a project, please call 646-801-6024 or email