My name is NTEL, or The Abstract Nteligent. I have been producing Art for the Streets and Galleries for the past 15 Years. Though, I’ve been an Artist, and more importantly, an all-around Creative Soul my entire Life, I also possess a desperate hunger for knowledge and challenges. I grew up practicing Classical Fine Art and Cartoon Characters. I was introduced to Graffiti as a young Teen. Before finding Graffiti, I was confused by My Life, and growing frustrated with Art. After Graffiti, everything made sense. I decided to begin practicing both ‘Fine’ Art and ‘Street’ Art techniques simultaneously, and make it my Life’s Mission to merge the 2 Schools together, on Canvas and in Social circles. Whilst finding a visual Style is necessary, one must find inspiration and play with a range of emotions to make Real Art. Talent and Skill, alone, do not produce Art. For me, the visual and technical Style was harder to achieve than the passionate and expressive approach. I was born an Artist, filled with feelings and sentiments, and Creation is simply a natural outlet for my intense Spirit, and Therapy for my insane History. Most of my Life has been amazing, and a struggle, filled with memories that play out like a movie, both Comedy and Tragedy. I am extremely emotional and feel the simplest moments, very deeply. I am bubbling with Theories and Philosophies and Beliefs and Knowledge. I am constantly overwhelmed with Dreams, and My Future. What will I leave behind, and what have I yet to accomplish. I am thoughtful, and generous, and sad, and depressed, and funny, and angry, and romantic, and polite, and violent, and smart, and confident… and it ALL comes out in every piece of My Work. I conceive each Painting from Past experiences, hoping in the Future, to influence and educate. I am inspired by those that I Love(d) and everyone I’ve Lost, every time a fresh linen is stretched. My convictions and stubbornness fights through the intimidating, blank slab, giving way for Life. Upon its conceit, I offer my darkest secrets, complete sincerity and nourishment, and my last drop of Energy. Colors mix, like the feelings stirring inside of me, and I lay each brushstroke with the last ounce of My Bleeding Heart.



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