Seattle native, graffiti artist Merlot constantly pushes boundaries with her bold, colorful, well crafted style. Painting since 2007, Merlot strikes a difficult balance between being a writer who loves to explore new creative direction, while still paying homage to the traditional styles that have proven to be a timeless, unmatched Americana foundation. To Merlot, graffiti is a way to be as creative as she wants since there are no rules as to how this art form should look. Her diverse background in graphic design – as well as a fascination with textures, patterns and fashion – have instilled a fearlessness in her experimentation with color choices and flow of not just letter-forms but the entire approach and presentation. As an established art director the vision she brings offers a mindful attention to detail and an unmatched sight at a perfected end result few can see so early on. She gains inspiration from her travels, as her work is heavily influenced by the exploration of new environments and ideas, known for painting in most of our major US cities, as well as Canada, UK, Europe and Israel. Merlot plans to keep mastering her style, traveling and painting larger and more challenging spaces. She stands proud of her work, eagerly hurdles any obstacles, and proven as an all around inspiration to others.

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Sketch Study 1

Sketch Study 1

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