Dan first became entranced by graffiti in Australia when he was just 7 years old. Huddled next to his mum, peering out of grimy train windows at graffiti-covered walls.

Graffiti and street art has been his life for over 30 years now. First under cover of darkness, in alleyways, car parks, railways and drains. Now by commission in the full light of day.

Over time, Dan became adept at all kinds of lettering, illustrative and graphic styles, with an exceptional talent for photorealism.

Now Dan has 10+ years experience under his belt as a graphic designer and art director in a string of branding and design agencies, including a stint at global branding agency TBWA.

Along the way, Dan’s design expertise and lifelong love of street art merged and 90 Degrees was born in Melbourne, Australia.

He realized how great design can amp up the appeal of street art without dulling its edge. And that graffiti can push the boundaries of graphic design into brave new uncharted territory.

90 Degrees is where the worlds of graffiti and graphic art merge. Where the discipline of design meets the spirit of the street.

Creating high-impact art with the power to transform a space, to connect and inspire, to delight and amaze.

Today, you’ll find our work in surprising places. Private, public and corporate. From a café wall to a company foyer. Adding a spark of excitement to an exhibition or event. Or a dash of charisma and street cred to a global brand like Adidas or Google.



To book this artist for a project, please call 646-801-6024 or email